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The Blacksmith Group is the parent of these Subsidiaries:


Process Performance Improvement Consultants (P-PIC)

P-PIC brings together a team of consultants with extensive experience in natural gas and liquid pipeline management, operations, engineering and regulatory affairs. Our mission is to provide process knowledge, facilitative skills and deep industry knowledge to enable energy companies to meet expanding business challenges while continuously improving business performance and safety. Our team supports the energy pipeline industry in compliance with pipeline safety and other regulations, process consulting, joint industry projects, and other areas. See our website at


Energy Pipeline Technology

Energy Pipeline Technology conducts research for companies, pipeline industry and other trade associations, and for research organizations. In addition, we provide services to consensus codes and standards organizations to draft, edit, and maintain their standards. We also specialize in commercialization of research and new technologies through, standardization, communication and education. See our website at


Center for Pipeline Safety

The Center for Pipeline Safety provides information about pipeline safety issues, safety performance and general knowledge about design, construction, operations, maintenance and integrity management of energy pipelines. In addition, we provide a non-biased forum for the distribution of information by other organizations with interests in pipeline safety. The goal is to provide a single source for gas and hazardous liquid pipeline safety and other information to consumers, the general public, regulators and lawmakers. See our website at





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