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Litigation, Auditing and Due Diligence
We provide independent services based on our knowledge of regulations, international consensus standards and experience in the industry. We support energy pipeline companies and service providers in the defense of their company, their management and their business practices in litigation through use of our experience and knowledge of industry practices. We use that same experience and knowledge base in providing independent auditing services for senior executives and boards of directors, as well as investors considering purchase or sale of a set of pipeline assets. Our strength is applying critical independent perspectives in evaluating business operations and key points through the life cycle of a set of assets.


Noteworthy cases include the following:

  • Gathering versus Transmission Determination
  • Entergy New Orleans banckruptcy litigation, insurance claim as well as metallurgical and corrosion control technical support following Hurricane Katrina
  • San Bruno, CA - natural gas pipeline failure
  • Carlsbad, New Mexico - natural gas pipeline failure
  • Bellingham, Washington - hazardous liquid pipeline failure
  • Baytown, Texas - natural gas pipeline failure
  • South Carolina - hazardous liquid pipeline failure
  • The first citizen’s lawsuit against a pipeline company under provisions of the Pipeline Safety Act of 2002
  • Multiple due dillegence reports on hazardous liquid and natural gas pipelines
  • California market power case
  • Gas quality and interchangeability of LNG litigation
  • Risk and technical assessment for new pipeline construction
  • Risk assessment and technical evaluations for conversion of service and flow reversal projects 
  • Company versus Company disputes and litigation


Other Service Include the following

  • Condemnation and landowner issue resolution
  • Bankruptcy and Force Majeure
  • Chartered Studies by Company Legal Departments
  • Chartered Investigations by Boards of Directors or Senior Management
  • Mergers of Companies

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